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Atago Malaysia Distributor. ATAGO has been the leader in refractometer technology for over 73 years. The history of Refractometers began with a basic model – a simple analog instrument. Today, refractometers are highly sophisticated due to the advancement of technology and the incorporation of high precision electronics into a refractometer.

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  • Digital Hand-Held PEN Refractometer

    Digital Hand-Held PEN Refractometer4 Products

    Atago Malaysia Digital Hand-Held PEN RefractometerAtago Digital Hand-Held PEN Refractometer is designed for various measurements including Brix, ethyl alcohol (mL/100mL), ethyl alcohol (g/100g), and moisture (100-Brix). It features small and slim refractometer devices which can be operated one-handedly.Atago Digital Hand-Held PEN Refractometer devices are also equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), water-resistant IP65 International Protection Class (as well as Prism Head IP67), and External Light Interference (ELI) features. Moreover, it is also possible to measure high-temperature samples liquids.The devices can be operated conveniently by either touching, dipping, or stirring the samples at the prism head. Cleansing can be performed easily either by running water or wiping off the samples.

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  • Digital Immersion-Type Refractometer

    Digital Immersion-Type Refractometer6 Products

    Atago Malaysia Digital Immersion-Type RefractometerAtago Digital Immersion Refractometer PAN-1 is a simple concentration monitoring system. It can simultaneously and continuously measure Brix concentration and temperature at the same time at 30-second intervals once the START button is pressed. The device can be easily mounted at the sides of a container or pot with installed clip. Moreover, the immersed part of Atago Digital Immersion Refractometer PAN-1 is constructed using SUS 316 stainless-steel material, thus making the device becoming more reliable than ever for a long-term performance.Atago Digital Immersion Refractometer PAN-1 is equipped with large LCD digital display for easy and accurate reading. Furthermore, it is also installed with a ZERO button which can perform easy calibration when pressed. On top of that, the measurement can be carried out with only 3 easy steps. Atago Digital Immersion Refractometer PAN-1 range of devices can be applied in industries including food and condiments. 

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  • Digital pH Meter and EC Meter

    Digital pH Meter and EC Meter4 Products

    Atago Malaysia Digital pH Meter and EC MeterAtago Digital pH Meter and EC Meter accurately measures pH and electric conductivity values of various liquids including soil, hydroponics, wastewater, cleaning solutions, etc. Furthermore, it is also suitable for various applications including food and beverage production control, brewing and fermentation, soil and hydroponics, cutting oils, alkali washing liquids, and other soluble solutions.Atago Digital pH Meter and EC Meter is compact in size making it easy to carry and easy to use. On top of that, the devices comes with affordable prices along with its great features.

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  • Digital Refractometer PALETTE Series

    Digital Refractometer PALETTE Series11 Products

    Atago Malaysia Digital Refractometer PALETTE SeriesAtago Malaysia Digital Refractometer PALETTE Series measures values of samples of food and industrial liquids including fruit juices, food and beverages, cutting oil, cleaning liquid, antifreeze, etc. The devices under this series can be operated using only 3 simple steps. On top of that, measurement results are displayed in only approximately 3 seconds!This series is compact and battery-operated making it easily portable. Moreover, all the devices under this series are constructed with IP64 International Protection Class for long-lasting performance. 

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  • Digital Salt Meter

    Digital Salt Meter4 Products

    Atago Malaysia Digital Salt MeterAtago Digital Salt Meter features devices that are fast, easy to measure, easy to calibrate, and equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation properties. The devices has been tested and proven to be reliable. In addition, they are all equipped with digital display for easy reading of the measurements. With this, it eliminates varied readings caused by different users' interpretations. Furthermore, the sensor section of the devices requires only 2-3 drops of the sample.Atago Digital Salt Meter can be applied to a wide range of uses and manufacturing industries. This includes potato chips manufacturers, condiment manufacturers, as well as canned food manufacturing plant.Atago Digital Salt Meter devices all require only 3 simple steps of measurement methods. Moreover, the measurement results will only take approximately 3 seconds!Browse our range of Atago Digital Salt Meter devices below!

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  • Digital Suction-Type Refractometer

    Digital Suction-Type Refractometer3 Products

    Atago Malaysia Digital Suction-Type RefractometerAtago Malaysia offers a line of Refractometer devices which draws sample into its prism chamber via tube. The use of the Digital Suction-Type Refractometer is very ideal for hazardous or volatile sample since the procedures prevent the users from touching the sample liquids. Moreover, the procedures can be performed single-handedly which makes it more convenient.Atago Malaysia Digital Suction-Type Refractometer consists of devices which measure concentrations of Brix, sodium hydroxide (NaOH), sulphuric acid, and specific gravity electrolyte. All of the devices are battery-operated. On top of that, the devices are all adhered to the IP64 International Protection Class making it more rugged and long-lasting. 

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  • Frying Oil Monitor

    Frying Oil Monitor1 Product

    Atago Malaysia | Frying Oil Monitor
  • Polarimeter / Saccharimeter

    Polarimeter / Saccharimeter2 Products

    Atago Malaysia Polarimeter / SaccharimeterAtago Polarimeter / Saccharimeter features devices that can measure:
    • Angle of Rotation
    • International Sugar Scale (without temperature compensation)
    • International Sugar Scale (with Automatic Temperature Compensation)
    • Specific Rotation
    • Concentration
    • Purity
    • User scale
    • Angle of Rotation (Temperature Compensation of Quartz Plate)
    • Temperature (°C / °F)
    These measurements can be done for samples of optically active substances such as saccharide, ascorbic acid, sodium glutamate, etc.Atago Polarimeter / Saccharimeter features several models equipped with touch screen LCD or LED digital display. The models SAC-iSAC-i 589/882, and AP-300 also come with their own software. These models can also connect to external Atago digital printers for printing out results.Atago New Generation Saccharimeter models, the SAC-i and SAC-i 589/882 have guaranteed smooth and accurate operations. Moreover, they are also of exceptional stability and reliability with increased repeatability, PTB traceability, as well as being approved by CONSECANA, besides having user-friendly construction for user's convenience. On top of that, these models also have outputs which could connect to a PC using a USB cable. 

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  • Portable Refracto-Polarimeter

    Portable Refracto-Polarimeter2 Products

    Atago Malaysia Portable Refracto-PolarimeterThis portable Refractometer-Polarimeter is compact in size and easy to carry with the size of your palm. It has full digital display which displays measurements including Brix, Angle of Rotation, International Sugar Scale (ISS), Purity (%), Fructose (%), and Refractive Index (nD). It is equipped with Scale Buttons to toggle between Angle of Rotation, Brix, or user's own specific scales. Moreover, it also includes measurement evaluation indicator which is indicated by green or red light to evaluate against pre-set tolerance limits. Besides, it is simple and quick since it requires only 3mL of samples.Atago Malaysia Portable Refracto-Polarimeter have two models, which are the RePo-1 and RePo-2.
  • RX-i Series Precision Refractometer

    RX-i Series Precision Refractometer4 Products

  • VISCO Digital Viscometer

    VISCO Digital Viscometer1 Product

  • Pocket Refractometer PAL Special Scale

    Pocket Refractometer PAL Special Scale9 Products

    Atago Malaysia Pocket Refractometer PAL Special ScaleAtago has newly released 80 new scales of Digital Hand-Held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL series. You can select whichever scale you want for your application and sample.Atago Malaysia Pocket Refractometer PAL Special Scale includes for the applications of Food, Confectionary, Food Ingredients, Sugars, Wine, Brew, Distilled Spirits, Sea Water, Salinity, Clinical Sports, Automotive, Aviation, Heat Transfer, Industrial, Alcohol Liquid, Pharmaceutical Reagents, Ingredients, AntiRust, Cleaner, Moisture, Dried Fruit Moisture, Colostrum, Soil, and Civil Engineering.

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  • Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI-

    Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI-3 Products

    Atago Malaysia Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI-Atago Malaysia Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI- measures Brix concentration by simply touching the surface of the fruits onto the device's sampling stage which makes total inspection of individual fruits to be possible and easy. Moreover, having a compact design and being battery-operated make it easily portable which fits into your pocket. One-handed operation is also possible by the simple touch method. Measurement discrepancies caused by the irregularities of the fruit shape will also be eliminated by having the sponge on the sampling stage which allows for a secure surface contact with fruits.Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI- devices are all equipped with IP64 International Protection Class for long-lasting performance.

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  • PAL Series Digital Pocket Refractometer

    PAL Series Digital Pocket Refractometer12 Products

    Atago Malaysia PAL Series Digital Pocket Refractometer Authorized Distributor

    The PAL is a completely new and redesigned digital hand-held instrument that will change the traditional conceptions of refractometers. The PAL's surprisingly compact size allows you to easily carry it around and use it indoors as well as outdoors. The size, design, function and performance will surprise you. The PAL will expand your range of measuring possibilities.Available measurements in % Brix, Refractive Index (nD), Honey Moisture, Soy Concentration, as well as various other special scales to suit your needs.All PAL models are equipped with NFC function where you can wirelessly transfer your data to your smartphones (requires NFC compatibility). They are also equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) and water resistant for safer operation and maintenance! 
  • Digital Refractometer RX-α Series

    Digital Refractometer RX-α Series6 Products

    Atago Malaysia Digital Refractometer RX-α SeriesAtago Digital Refractometer RX-α Series offers a line of refractometers with the highest measurement accuracies among other product lines. Furthermore, they are equipped with clear digital display and Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) feature. Measurements using Atago Digital Refractometer RX-α Series can be performed by only 4 easy steps.Atago Digital Refractometer RX-α Series can be connected to your PC USB port using a USB to RS-232 adapter, as well as can be connected to selected Atago printers. Moreover, it also comes with a software which supports your FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. 

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  • Hand-Held Refractometer

    Hand-Held Refractometer32 Products

    Atago Malaysia Hand-Held Refractometers MASTER series. This new type of Hand-held Refractometer MASTER functions such as Easy-to-Read, Easy-to-Hold, Smooth sampling, Easy disposal of sample from the edge, the improvement of hygiene aspect by employing the new type of grip, and well balanced structure, emphasis is also placed on its design, well exemplified by the streamlined body and the strong grip with rich texture.
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