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Spring Roll Maker's Upgrade for Viscosity Measurement | Muser
Spring Roll Maker's Upgrade for Viscosity Measurement

Spring Roll Maker’s Upgrade for Viscosity Measurement

Spring Roll Maker's Upgrade to Anton Paar ViscoQC 100 for Viscosity Measurement

Our Customer’s Needs

A food manufacturer in Malaysia who was already using another competitor’s rotational viscometer required an upgrade for their rotational viscometer to monitor the quality of their spring roll batter. In addition to that, they are also developing new food products that also require viscosity measurements as part of their quality check.

Solution by Muser

Muser recommended the ViscoQC series, a rotational viscometer by Anton Paar, to the user. After demonstration and trying out the instrument first hand, they found that the interface of Anton Paar ViscoQC is much more user friendly.

On top of that, they highly favour the TruMode feature of Anton Paar ViscoQC where the viscometer can find the best spindle/speed combination to measure new formulations. This is especially helpful to them since they will also be experimenting and developing new food products that require viscosity quality checks.

Rotational Viscometer?

Various industries rely on viscosity checks of their products to produce a product with consistent texture. Many important parameters for the production control of materials and also for the development of new products are directly related to the product’s viscosity. Rotational viscometers are perfectly suited for the determination of the viscosity of a wide range of different samples. Liquid up to semi-solid samples are suitable for viscosity testing with rotational viscometers.

(Source: Rotational Viscometry)

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