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Atago Malaysia Digital Hand-Held PEN Refractometer | Muser Apac Sdn Bhd

Atago Malaysia Digital Hand-Held PEN Refractometer

Atago Digital Hand-Held PEN Refractometer is designed for various measurements including Brix, ethyl alcohol (mL/100mL), ethyl alcohol (g/100g), and moisture (100-Brix). It features small and slim refractometer devices which can be operated one-handedly.

Atago Digital Hand-Held PEN Refractometer devices are also equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), water-resistant IP65 International Protection Class (as well as Prism Head IP67), and External Light Interference (ELI) features. Moreover, it is also possible to measure high-temperature samples liquids.

The devices can be operated conveniently by either touching, dipping, or stirring the samples at the prism head. Cleansing can be performed easily either by running water or wiping off the samples.

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