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Atago Malaysia Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI- | Muser Apac Sdn Bhd

Atago Malaysia Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI-

Atago Malaysia Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI- measures Brix concentration by simply touching the surface of the fruits onto the device’s sampling stage which makes total inspection of individual fruits to be possible and easy. Moreover, having a compact design and being battery-operated make it easily portable which fits into your pocket. One-handed operation is also possible by the simple touch method. Measurement discrepancies caused by the irregularities of the fruit shape will also be eliminated by having the sponge on the sampling stage which allows for a secure surface contact with fruits.

Pocket IR Brix Meter -HIKARI- devices are all equipped with IP64 International Protection Class for long-lasting performance.

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