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Atago Malaysia Polarimeter / Saccharimeter | Muser Apac Sdn Bhd

Atago Malaysia Polarimeter / Saccharimeter

Atago Polarimeter / Saccharimeter features devices that can measure:

  • Angle of Rotation
  • International Sugar Scale (without temperature compensation)
  • International Sugar Scale (with Automatic Temperature Compensation)
  • Specific Rotation
  • Concentration
  • Purity
  • User scale
  • Angle of Rotation (Temperature Compensation of Quartz Plate)
  • Temperature (°C / °F)

These measurements can be done for samples of optically active substances such as saccharide, ascorbic acid, sodium glutamate, etc.

Atago Polarimeter / Saccharimeter features several models equipped with touch screen LCD or LED digital display. The models SAC-iSAC-i 589/882, and AP-300 also come with their own software. These models can also connect to external Atago digital printers for printing out results.

Atago New Generation Saccharimeter models, the SAC-i and SAC-i 589/882 have guaranteed smooth and accurate operations. Moreover, they are also of exceptional stability and reliability with increased repeatability, PTB traceability, as well as being approved by CONSECANA, besides having user-friendly construction for user’s convenience. On top of that, these models also have outputs which could connect to a PC using a USB cable.


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