Professional Wireless System

Professional Wireless System

The RF500 Wireless Monitoring System is an accurate, reliable and flexible method of collecting real-time temperature, humidity and door event data.

It uses a mesh network of remote sensors and probes to  collect and transmit information to a Gateway unit which manages the system and collects and stores the data. The result is efficient and versatile round-the-clock monitoring for just about any industry.

Key benefits include:

  • Accurate records without compromise
  • Secure multi-user access to data via the internet at any time
  • Alarm notification via email, phone or *SMS
  • Transmitters that are waterproof and accurate, and have a long battery life
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Plus, it’s easy to use and maintain

The system achieves unprecedented levels of efficiency and reliability through its use of the latest low-power RF technology with built-in mesh networking, and transmitters with bi-directional communications.

*via an email to SMS service such as

Why choose RF500 from Comark?

RF500 from Comark is the culmination of 20 years of experience, first with wired solutions for Food Processing and then two versions of our first Wireless System Comark IceSpy, which is still widely used throughout Food and Pharmaceutical applications. Comark will provide complete peace of mind throughout the whole process. Each system is professionally surveyed with a unique software tool to ensure that you can be confident that the system will work as expected and without any nasty surprises. Comark leaves nothing to chance when it comes to your data, you can be sure that RF500 will provide the features and benefits you expect from your monitoring system.

It should be noted that as the RF500 system is designed to be self-managed, there are NO compulsory ongoing Service Charges on any of the Comark Systems/Equipment which would normally be taken into consideration when evaluating true cost of ownership.