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Environmental collection systems and rapid dilution devices. Environmental microbial sample collection and transport. Saves money and time – no need to prepare broths or use pipettes. Neutralizes residual sanitizers remaining on surface

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  • Hygiena Malaysia | Surface Swabs - Sponge’n Bag
    • Hygiena™ Sponge’n Bags are biocide-free cellulose sponges supplied in a sterile, leak-proof, tie-off bag, providing a simple and convenient device for collecting environmental samples from large surface areas.
    • The sponges may be ordered dry or pre-moistened with a variety of different diluents.
  • QD Loop Logo copy

    Labor-Saving Dilution Device

    QD-Loop device is an all-in-one, sterile, rapid system for accurate and convenient volumetric dilutions. An accurate loop or dipper comes attached to a reservoir where patented Snap-Valve™ technology holds 1mL of Butterfields or Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) buffer.
    Simply break the Snap-Valve after a sample is collected, and immediately a dilution is ready that can be poured onto dry media film or streaked onto an agar plate.
    QD-Loop comes in 1:10, 1:100 or 1:1000 dilution formats. This all-in-one system enables quick and convenient dilutions.

  • Hygiena Malaysia | Surface Swabs - Stick Sponge
    • Stick Sponges are biocide-free cellulose sponges attached to a plastic handle and supplied in a sterile, leak-proof, tie-off bag.
    • The sponges are pre-moistened and available in a variety of different diluents. Stick Sponge allows collection of a sample without directly handling the sponge, making it easier to reach into drains, pipes, and around equipment.
    Sample Collection Devices

    Hygiena | Surface Swabs – Stick Sponge

  • Transport Swab Logo lrg
    Transport Swab is the ideal solution for customers requiring an environmental sample collection device containing more than 1 mL of pre-filled liquid broth.
    For a 1mL collection device see Q-Swab. Transport Swab is available in 4mL & 10 mL volumes.
    The pre-filled bottles come sterilized and with ample head space for additional sample.
    The swab tip sits in the letheen broth which allows for release of organisms from the swab bud. Transport Swab makes sample collection efficient and easy; simply swab a surface, recap, and send to the lab.

    Sample Collection Devices

    Hygiena Surface Swabs – Transport Swab

  • Q Swab logo UPdate copy

    Environmental Sample Collection Device

    Q-Swab is a ready-to-use sample collection and delivery device for environmental surface sampling. Simply collect an environmental sample and snap the bulb at the top of the device to release 1mL of media into the sample.
    The media neutralizes residual sanitizers and facilitates recovery of bacteria*.
    A variety of different medias are available depending on bacteria of concern.
    After activation, the sample is ready to be poured onto sample-ready media film or streaked onto plates for culturing.
    Q-Swab can be used either wet or dry to sample surfaces.
    *Only Letheen media neutralizes residual sanitizers.

    Sample Collection Devices

    Hygiena Surface Swabs – Q-Swab

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