Light Measuring Instruments

  • testo Malaysia 440 | Lux Kittesto Malaysia 440 | Lux Kit

    testo 440 | Lux Kit

    • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for long-term measurement and determination of illuminance according to the V-lambda curve , thus for all common light sources
    • Precise: standard-compliant accuracy according to DIN EN 13032-1 and class C according to DIN 5032-7
    • Convenient: non-slip probe contact surface for convenient positioning at the measuring location, internal data storage and USB port for data export
    • As multifaceted as your challenges themselves: the air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument can be expanded with a large portfolio of digital probes
  • testo Malaysia 540 | Light Metertesto Malaysia 540 | Light Meter

    testo 540 | Light Meter

    • For quick ‘n easy measurements in the workplace
    • Sensor is modelled on the spectral sensitivity of the human eye
    • Hold function, min/max values
    • Protective cap for safe storage