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  • testo Malaysia 926 | Temperature Meter
    • Connectivity for an attachable and a wireless sensor
    • Wide range of optional sensors to suit your individual needs
    • User-defined thresholds – audible alarm alerts when threshold exceeded
    • Certified according to HACCP and EN 13485 – ideal for use with food
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 926 | Temperature Meter

  • testo Malaysia 720 | Temperature Meter
    • Port for one RTD or NTC sensor
    • Wide range of optional sensors for individual requirements
    • User-defined thresholds, audible alarm when thresholds are exceeded
    • Optional accessories for individual adaptation, i.e. protection against aggressive media for use in laboratories
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 720 | Temperature Meter

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  • testo Malaysia 112 | Calibratable Temperature Measuring Instrument
    • High-precision, calibratable temperature measuring instrument with PTB type approval – approved for official measurements
    • An attachable temperature probe can be connected – NTC and Pt100 probes optionally available to meet numerous practical requirements
    • Thanks to the water and dirt-repellent protective case TopSafe (optional), it is ideal for use in the food sector
    • Useful functions: minimum/maximum value memory and acoustic alarm
  • testo Malaysia 735-2 | Multichannel Thermometer
    • Up to 3 connectable sensors and a further 3 temperature sensors which can be connected wirelessly to the meter
    • Super-size memory for up to 10 000 readings; PC software and USB cable included
    • Extremely accurate sensor (optional) for a system accuracy of up to 0.05 °C
    • Waterproof (IP65) and HACCP / EN 13485 compliant
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 735-2 | Multichannel Thermometer

  • testo 905 i | Thermometer w/ Smartphone Operation
    • Rapid detection of temperature change via graphical progress display
    • Measuring range -50 to +150 °C
    • Measurement data analyzed and sent via testo Smart Probes App
    • Check ambient temperatures and temperatures in ducts and at air outlets quickly, easily and professionally: with the testo 905i thermometer, which is optimized for your smartphone, nothing could be simpler.
  • testo Malaysia 922 | Digital Temperature Meter | -50~1000°C
    • Temperature measurements and temperature difference display
    • Wide measuring range from -50 °C to 1 000 °C
    • Connecting points for two type K temperature sensors; wireless connectivity for a third temperature sensor
    • Wide range of optional sensors
  • testo Malaysia 925 | Temperature Measuring Instrument
    • An attachable temperature probe and a radio temperature probe can be connected
    • Large range of fast temperature probes on offer for surface, air or immersion/penetration measurement (optional)
    • Continuous display of min./max. values
    • Acoustic alarm sounds when limit values are exceeded
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 925 | Temperature Measuring Instrument

  • testo Malaysia 110 | Temperature Meter
    • Extremely accurate, also in very low temperature ranges, i.e. cold storage rooms
    • Optional connectable temperature sensor and wireless sensor for different applications in the field
    • Audible alarm, user-defined thresholds
    • HACCP compliant, certified according to EN 13485 for use in the food sector
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 110 | Temperature Meter

  • testo Malaysia 440 | Hot Wire Kit
    • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for volume flow and parallel determination of air velocity, volume flow and air temperature in ventilation ducts
    • Convenient: integrated telescope that can be extended to 0.85 m, with scaling, makes it easy to carry out measurements
    • Reliable: absolute pressure compensation, internal data storage and USB port for data export
    • As multifaceted as your challenges themselves: the air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument can be expanded with a large portfolio of digital probes
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 440 | Hot Wire Kit

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