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  • testo Malaysia 635-2 | Temperature & moisture meter
    • Optionally available sensors for moisture, temperature, pressure dew point and absolute pressure measurements
    • 2 plug-in sensors and 3 wireless sensors can be connected
    • Super-size memory for up to 10 000 readings
    • USB cable and PC software for archiving and logging measuring data included
    • Able to display min, max and mean values
    • Can calculate the dew point difference between the indoor air and the surface of the wall.
  • testo Malaysia 616 | Moisture Meter for Wood & Building Materials
    • Measures the moisture content of wood and building materials quickly and reliably
    • Non-destructive, precise measurements up to a material depth of 5 cm
    • 10 characteristic curves for different types of building material and wood
    • Backlit display, hold function, min/max memory, ergonomic design
  • testo Malaysia 606-2 | Moisture Meter for Material Moisture & Relative Humidity
    • Ram electrodes guarantee precise moisture measurements in wood and building materials
    • Ideal for carrying out relative humidity and air temperature measurements to check storage and drying
    • Identifying and preventing problems using dew point and wet bulb calculations
    • Easy to use; backlit display for use in all lighting conditions
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