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  • testo Malaysia 570-2 | Digital Manifold Gauge
    • 40 refrigerants already stored in the meter
    • Simultaneous superheat and subcooling calculation
    • 999 hours of measuring data for logging and further evaluation on your PC
    • Includes 2-clamp temperature sensor, PC software, USB cable, power adaptor and carry case
  • testo Malaysia 570-1 Set | Digital Manifold
    • 40 refrigerants are stored in the instrument
    • Calculation of superheating and subcooling possible in parallel
    • 999 hours of recording readings
    • Set includes a clamp temperature probe for measuring the surface temperature of pipes
  • testo Malaysia 549 | Digital Manifold
    • 60 current refrigerants stored in the instrument
    • Calculation of superheating and subcooling in real time (with optional clamp probe): saves you from having to carry
    • Temperature-compensated leakage test
    • Two temperature-compensated pressure sensors
  • testo Malaysia 550 | Digital Manifold
    • Automatic superheating/subcooling calculation: no more need for manual calculations, which are prone to error
    • With a practical app: (remote) display, graphical progress display, documentation of readings
    • Temperature-compensated leakage test
    • 60 current refrigerants are included in the manifold (update possible via app)
  • testo Malaysia 557 Set | Digital Manifold
    • Calculation of superheating and subcooling in real time: no manual calculation, which is prone to error
    • Connect to smartphone/tablet app: remote monitoring and smart measurement documentation
    • Precise external Pirani gauge for vacuum measurement, temperature-compensated leakage test, automatic ambient pressure measurement
    • The 60 most common refrigerants are stored in the instrument, subsequent updates possible (via app)
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