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Sterling Sensors MAPIL Hand-Held Plug-In Lance | Muser

Sterling Sensors MAPIL Hand-Held Plug-In Lance

  • Designed for smelting, casting, molten metal foundries applications.
  • Available in Type K (1,250°C) and Type R (1,750°C).
  • 1-meter length
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Sterling Sensors MAPIL Hand-Held Plug-In Lance


Features | MAPIL Hand-Held Plug-In Lance

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Complete with mini-plug for connection to hand-held instrumentation
  • Type K or R
  • Angled to suit your application
  • Replaceable elements or connectors


Application | MAPIL Hand-Held Plug-In Lance

  • Smelting and casting
  • Metal foundries
  • Quality control


Description | MAPIL Hand-Held Plug-In Lance

Hand-held plug-in lance used in the temperature measurement of molten metal.

This lightweight, portable lance can be ranged for use with type K or R thermocouples depending on the type of molten metal being measured. The 5/8” diameter stainless steel dip arm can be supplied straight or angled at 45° to suit your application. It is terminated with a plastic handle, 1 metre of PFA lead and a mini-plug for connection to a hand-held digital thermometer or other instrumentation.

Type K units are used for measuring the temperature of non-ferrous molten metals; the swaged thermocouple element will endure up to 1000 cycles into a melt but this will vary with different types of metal and slag conditions. When the thermocouple element begins to degrade it can be replaced easily and wired into the plastic handle.

Type R units are more commonly used in ferrous metals at higher temperatures. The stainless steel arm houses a connector for expendable thermocouples.

Type K units are supplied with swaged type K Thermocouple Element.

Type R units are supplied with connector for Expendable Thermocouples (Thermocouples are not provided with this type).


Technical Specifications

ProductHand-Held Plug-In Lance
TypeK or R thermocouple
Temp Range0 - 1250°C (K)0 - 1750°C (R)
Length1m, 1.2m or to order
Diameter5/8” Inch
Lead Length1m or to order
SensorSwaged thermocouple element or expendable thermocouple connector
TerminationPlastic handle with lead and mini-plug
Part NumberMAPIL
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