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  • testo Malaysia 350 | Control Unit - Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems
    • User-friendly application-specific menu guide
    • testo 350 Analysis Box just as easy to use when not positioned at measurement site
    • Internal memory for receiving measurement data from the Analysis Box
    • Large graphic color display, robust, industrial-type housing
  • testo Malaysia 340 | Flue Gas Analyzer - Industrial Use
    • Can measure CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2 or SO2
    • Extended measuring range for use in environments with high gas concentrations
    • Precalibrated gas sensors for quick and easy sensor change
    • Integrated pressure difference and air flow measurements for mass flow calculations
    Industrial Emission Measurement

    testo 340 | Flue Gas Analyzer for Use in Industry

  • testo Malaysia 350 | Analysis Box - Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems
    • Increased measurement range for unlimited measurements even when gas concentrations are higher
    • Easy-to-change gas sensors and easy access to wearing parts
    • Sealed housing with built-in impact protection for use in harsh conditions
    • Automatic processing of measuring programmes over a longer period
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