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Alphamed Malaysia UFR101 Automatic Scanner Forehead Thermometer

Alphamed UFR101 Automatic Scanner Forehead Thermometer

  • Contactless forehead thermometer
  • With fever LED indicator and audible alarm
  • Can be mounted on the wall or on tripod
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Alphamed Malaysia UFR101 Automatic Scanner Forehead Thermometer


Product Description

  • Non-contact: The wall mounted thermometer can measure contactless within 1-10 cm.
  • Quick measurement: Quickly measures the forehead temperature in 1 second.
  • Fever indicator: Equipped with fever warning by indicating temperature status with LED indicator and beep sound.
  • Wide application: Can be used for offices, schools, shopping malls, outdoor places.



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Display LED digital display
Measuring localization Forehead
Measurement range Body mode: 32.0˚C to 43.0˚C (89.6˚F to 109.4˚F)
Temperature unit C˚ or F˚ (switchable)
Display resolution 0.1˚C / 0.1˚F
Accuracy ±0.2˚C / ±0.4˚F
Beep alarm 1 short beep: Power on and starting measurement. 1 long beep with green LED: Measurement reading <37.5˚C (99.5 ˚F). 10 short beeps with red LED: Measurement reading ≥37.5˚C (99.5˚F). 3 short beeps with red LED: System fails.
LED colour indicator Green: <37.5˚C (99.5 ˚F) Red: ≥37.5˚C (99.5˚F)
Power source 18650 lithium battery 2000mAh/Type-C
Main unit weight Approx. 151g (excluding batteries)
Main unit size 140mm (L) x 93mm (W) x 93mm (H)
Accessories Instruction manual
Operating environment Body mode: 10.0˚C to 40.0˚C (50.0˚F to 104.0˚F)
Storage & shipping environment -20 to 50˚C; 15% to 95% RH. Avoid shock, direct sunlight and/or rain.
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