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Sterling Sensors DPP-X Digital Portable Pyrometer | Muser

Sterling Sensors DPP-X Digital Portable Pyrometer

  • Designed for smelting, casting and foundry (molten metal) applications.
  • Self-assembly dip arm for better portability.
  • Available temperature up to 1820°C.
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Sterling Sensors DPP-X Digital Portable Pyrometer


Features | DPP-X Digital Portable Pyrometer

  • Large illuminated display for easy reading
  • Self-assembly dip arm for better portability
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Robust aluminium casting designed for the demanding foundry environment


Application | DPP-X Digital Portable Pyrometer

  • For use in foundry applications
  • Smelting (Re-cycling)
  • Casting


Description | DPP-X Digital Portable Pyrometer

The  digital portable pyrometer (DPP-X)  is  a  durable foundry  pyrometer with  a  large 4-digit  red  LED  display.  It is supplied complete with multipiece self-assembly steel dip arm to allow for better portability.

The arm is 1.2m long and angled at 45° as standard, and made up of steel sections to be assembled by the end user on receipt – meaning the DPP-X is extremely easy to ship due to its compact size.

The DPP-X is ranged to use type R, S, B & K thermocouples in degrees Celsius.

DPP ‘R’, ‘S’ & ‘B’ can be used for temperature measurement of both ferrous and non-ferrous molten metal.  They are supplied for use with multi-use expendable thermocouples and the dip arm comes fitted with an expendable thermocouple connector.

DPP ‘K’ is for the temperature measurement of non-ferrous molten metal only and is available for use with durable swaged thermocouple elements with dip arm to suit.

Technical Specifications

ProductDigital Portable Pyrometer (DPP-X)
TypeR, S, B & K
Temp RangeType R/S 0 to 1760°C Type K -22 to 1370°C Type B 300 to 1820°C
Dip Arm1m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 2m as standard or to order
Calibration StandardITS’90, IPTS’68 & ITPS’48
Accuracy+/- 0.1% of reading +1°C
MaterialAluminium body with steel dip arm
TerminationExpendable thermocouple connecter or swaged element fitting
Part NumberMPDPP-X
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