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  • testo Malaysia 330i | Flue Gas Analyzer
    • Paperless documentation and report generation on site via smartphone app
    • Operation independent of measuring location via smartphone app
    • No more probe slippage thanks to the testoFix probe holder (optional)
    • Completely enclosed plastic housing – particularly robust
  • testo Malaysia 330-2 LL | Pro Flue Gas Analysis Kit
    • High-quality, longlife (up to six years) O2 and CO sensors; further sensors (i.e. NO sensor) optional
    • 4-year warranty on the flue gas analyzer
    • No need to withdraw the sensor from the flue to zero
    • CO measurements up to 30 000 ppm
  • testo Malaysia 320 Basic | Compact Flue Gas Analyzer
    • Self-explanatory menu guidance with standardized measuring procedures for quick, easy handling
    • Sensors can be changed by the user
    • Easy to operate thanks to single-hose connection
    • TÜV-tested according to EN 50379 Part 1-3 and to 1st German Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV), Part 1-2
  • testo Malaysia 330-1 LL | Flue Gas Analysis Set w/Bluetooth
    • High-resolution colour display for the graphic representation of your measurement data
    • Extended measurement menus – such as gas pipe testing – for a comprehensive analysis of your heating system
    • Logger function for easy long-term recording of the measurement curve
  • testo Malaysia 310 | Entry-Level Flue Gas Analyzer
    • Direct O2, CO, flue gas and ambient temperature measurements
    • Integrated measurement menu for flue gas, draft, CO ambient air and pressure
    • Quick sensor zero in only 30 seconds
    • Large, backlit digital display, rechargeable lithium battery with up to 10 hours life
  • testo Malaysia 310 Set w/ Printer
    • Robust and light instrument for daily use
    • 30 seconds sensor zeroing
    • Integrated condensate trap
    • Integrated magnets for easy fixing to burner
    Flue Gas Analyzer

    testo 310 Set with Printer

  • testo Malaysia 320 | Super Efficient Flue Gas Analyzer


    • Six applications, one device: flue gas, flue draft, pressure, gas leak detection, CO ambient air and pressure difference measurements
    • Integrated flue gas sensors with temperature sensor included; ultra-fine pressure sensors and a wide range of other sensors, ports and probes optional
    • Rugged, high-quality design, high-resolution, multi-color display, self-explanatory menu guide


  • testo Malaysia 350 MARITIME | Exhaust Gas Analyzer - Diesel Ship Engines
    • Measures O2, CO, NOx (NO + NO2 separate), SO2 – high precision and long-term stable
    • Certified gas sensors: equal to reference measurement
    • Ready to measure after only two minutes
    • Determination of the fuel sulphur content by means of SO2/CO2 ratio according to MEPC 184 (59)
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