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Refractometer using the refractometry principles, measure the concentration of your samples. Common refractometers are using either the Brix % scale or Refractive Index scale.

Brix represents the weight of sucrose in 100 grams of sucrose solution as percentage by weight. When other dissolved solids are present in the solution, Brix conversion may be applied. Brix is a measure of total dissolved solids in a solution and indicates the combined concentration of all soluble substances, such as sugar, salt, protein, acids, etc.

Depending on the model, some Brix refractometers are equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) function. This means that the readings are corrected, based on the temperature of the prism, within the automatic temperature compensation range.

This is due to Brix and Refractive Index readings are affected by temperature change. When using refractometers without ATC function, you may need to manually calculate the temperature compensation for each reading.

Other than Brix % and Refractive Index scales, refractometers with prism sensor may also show reading scale in salinity, alcohol %, soy %, etc. Each of the scales are specially designed for the pure solution of respective samples indicated by the special scale. E.g., refractometer with ethanol % scale is designed to measure pure ethanol solution (ethyl alcohol + water) only.

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