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  • Infrared Human Body Thermometer for Fever Detection
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  • BioMass Kits | High-Precision for Liquid Samples

    • High-precision test for measuring total and free ATP in liquid samples
    • Kits for 3M™ & Bio-Trace™ or Hygiena™ & Celsis™ systems
    • Hold-Rite applicator sold separately
  • Positive Control Kit for ZymoSnap ALP Alkaline Phosphatase Test

  • Positive Control Kit |  Reagent Verification Kit

    Three levels of ATP standards for objective side-by-side comparison of monitoring systems.

  •  ATP Side by Side Kit | Objective Comparison

    Three levels of ATP standards for objective side-by-side comparison of monitoring systems.

  • Swab Cooler

    • Keeps test devices cool when you aren’t near cold storage.
    • Portable for on-the-go testing.
    Additional Components

    Hygiena Accessories – Swab Cooler

  • Protective Carrying Case

    Work hands-free, wherever you go.
  •  Swab Extenders Logo copy | Collapsible reach extender

  • Digital Dry Block Incubators

    Designed specifically for Hygiena’s wide variety of test devices, our Digital Dry Block Incubators are flexible to fit your unique needs.
    Incubators are available in two different sizes and multiple configurations.

  • Calibration Control Kit |  Instrument Verification Rods

    Verify luminometer calibration at your convenience.

    The Calibration Control Kit eliminates the need for manufacturer calibration checks to save you hundreds of dollars per year.

  • QD Loop Logo copy

    Labor-Saving Dilution Device

    QD-Loop device is an all-in-one, sterile, rapid system for accurate and convenient volumetric dilutions. An accurate loop or dipper comes attached to a reservoir where patented Snap-Valve™ technology holds 1mL of Butterfields or Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) buffer.
    Simply break the Snap-Valve after a sample is collected, and immediately a dilution is ready that can be poured onto dry media film or streaked onto an agar plate.
    QD-Loop comes in 1:10, 1:100 or 1:1000 dilution formats. This all-in-one system enables quick and convenient dilutions.

  • Hygiena Malaysia | Surface Swabs - Stick Sponge
    • Stick Sponges are biocide-free cellulose sponges attached to a plastic handle and supplied in a sterile, leak-proof, tie-off bag.
    • The sponges are pre-moistened and available in a variety of different diluents. Stick Sponge allows collection of a sample without directly handling the sponge, making it easier to reach into drains, pipes, and around equipment.
    Sample Collection Devices

    Hygiena | Surface Swabs – Stick Sponge

  • Transport Swab Logo lrg
    Transport Swab is the ideal solution for customers requiring an environmental sample collection device containing more than 1 mL of pre-filled liquid broth.
    For a 1mL collection device see Q-Swab. Transport Swab is available in 4mL & 10 mL volumes.
    The pre-filled bottles come sterilized and with ample head space for additional sample.
    The swab tip sits in the letheen broth which allows for release of organisms from the swab bud. Transport Swab makes sample collection efficient and easy; simply swab a surface, recap, and send to the lab.

    Sample Collection Devices

    Hygiena Surface Swabs – Transport Swab

  • Q Swab logo UPdate copy

    Environmental Sample Collection Device

    Q-Swab is a ready-to-use sample collection and delivery device for environmental surface sampling. Simply collect an environmental sample and snap the bulb at the top of the device to release 1mL of media into the sample.
    The media neutralizes residual sanitizers and facilitates recovery of bacteria*.
    A variety of different medias are available depending on bacteria of concern.
    After activation, the sample is ready to be poured onto sample-ready media film or streaked onto plates for culturing.
    Q-Swab can be used either wet or dry to sample surfaces.
    *Only Letheen media neutralizes residual sanitizers.

    Sample Collection Devices

    Hygiena Surface Swabs – Q-Swab

  • ZymoSnap ALP Logo 2

    Alkaline Phosphatase Test

    ZymoSnap ALP measures alkaline phosphatase activity in milk products to verify pasteurization efficiency, delivering results in just 5 minutes.

  • CrossCheck logo

    Acid Phosphatase Test

    Hygiena™ CrossCheck measures acid phosphatase activity, a natural enzyme present in raw meat.
    CrossCheck is used with finished products to verify thermal processing and on food contact surfaces to measure raw meat residues and cross contamination hazards.

  • SpotCheck Plus Logo website
    Glucose and Lactose Residue
    Hygiena™ SpotCheck Plus detects the presence of glucose and lactose on a surface.
    Simply swab a surface, release the reagent and if any residue containing glucose and/or lactose is present the reagent will turn green, indicating poor surface hygiene.
    The more contamination present, the quicker the color change and darker the color.
    SpotCheck Plus instantly validates the hygiene of a surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary.

  • PRO Clean logo Update

    Protein Residue Test

    PRO-Clean™ is the easiest and most accurate way to verify the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces. Simply swab a surface and release the reagent.
    If protein residue is present, the reagent will turn purple – the more contamination, the quicker the color changes and the darker it becomes.
    PRO-Clean instantly validates surface hygiene, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken when necessary.

  • logo

    Environmental Salmonella Test

    Hygiena™ InSite Salmonella is an easy-to-use, self-contained, environmental Salmonella spp. test. Each device contains a liquid medium formulated with growth enhancers and chromogenic compounds selective for Salmonella species.
    Simply swab the test area and incubate!
    A change in color after 24-48 hours of incubation is considered presumptive positive for Salmonella species.
    No expensive lab equipment is required.

  • The Next Level of ATP Detection

    Allergen cross-contamination prevention tool

    SuperSnap™ is the most sensitive ATP surface test in Hygiena’s portfolio of all-in-one devices.
    Designed to work with all Hygiena™ luminometers, SuperSnap detects extremely low levels of ATP so it can be used as an allergen cross-contamination prevention tool or when dealing with harsh samples.
    By incorporating SuperSnap into a prevention program, risks and issues are recognized in real time and immediate corrective actions can be implemented before product change-overs.
    For more information on using SuperSnap in a surface allergen prevention program, see the resource section below.

  • AllerFlow Gluten logo copy
    Hygiena™ AllerFlow Gluten is a rapid and convenient test for the detection of gluten residue on surfaces as part of an allergen monitoring program.
    Combining Hygiena’s convenient sample collection swab design and classic lateral flow technology, AllerFlow Gluten makes gluten testing easier than ever before.

  • AllerSnap logo
    Allergen Prevention Surface Test

    AllerSnap™ is a quick and easy way to verify the cleanliness of surfaces by detecting protein residues left behind after cleaning.
    By simply swabbing the area and activating the device, you release a reagent that turns color, providing a qualitative and semi-quantitative result of the protein levels on the surface: green means clean and purple means re-clean.
    The more protein present, the quicker the color change to purple and the darker the color. AllerSnap quickly validates surface hygiene, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken when necessary.

  • testo 175 T3 - Temperature logger
    • Practical for frequent and long-term measurements: memory capacity of 1 million readings, up to 3 years’ battery life
    • Very large temperature measuring range from -50 °C to +1 000 °C
    • Including wall bracket
    • Measurement data analysis and documentation: three different software versions to choose from, basic software available as a free download

    The testo 175 T3 temperature logger with its two connections for external thermocouple probes is a good idea when you would like to record your temperatures at two locations in parallel: for example when measuring the flow and return temperature on radiators. The readings are securely saved in the temperature logger and are available for later measurement data analysis and documentation.

    This meter uses a sensor to start up.

  • testo Malaysia 174 H set | Mini data logger set for temperature & humidity


    • Memory for up to 16 000 temperature and humidity measurements
    • Longlife humidity sensor for reliable and accurate measurements
    • Easy data transfer via USB cable, practical data analysis and logging on PC
    • Free software download (ComSoft Basic)

    Compact, accurate, reliable: the testo 174H mini data logger measures and logs the air temperature and relative humidity in storage rooms and offices 24/7/365.

  • InSite logo Update   Listeria

    Environmental Listeria species Test

    Hygiena™ InSite Listeria is an easy-to-use, self-contained, environmental Listeria species test.
    Each device contains a chromogenic liquid media formulated with antibiotics, growth enhancers, and color-changing compounds specific to Listeria species. Simply swab the test area and wait.
    A change in color after 24-48 hours of incubation is considered presumptive positive.
    No expensive lab equipment is required and no additional sample handling of the sample is necessary.

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