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  • testo Malaysia 330i | Flue Gas Analyzer
    • Paperless documentation and report generation on site via smartphone app
    • Operation independent of measuring location via smartphone app
    • No more probe slippage thanks to the testoFix probe holder (optional)
    • Completely enclosed plastic housing – particularly robust
  • testo Malaysia 330-2 LL | Pro Flue Gas Analysis Kit
    • High-quality, longlife (up to six years) O2 and CO sensors; further sensors (i.e. NO sensor) optional
    • 4-year warranty on the flue gas analyzer
    • No need to withdraw the sensor from the flue to zero
    • CO measurements up to 30 000 ppm
  • Leica Malaysia | Disto X4
    • Make high-precision outdoor measurements an easy task
    • Comes with a holster, hand loop and batteries
    • Determine horizontal distances with absolute precision
  • Testo Malaysia Smart Case | Storage Case - Smart Probes Measurement Instruments
    • Practical storage case for Smart Probes testo 805i, testo 410i, testo 510i, testo 405i, testo 605i and testo 905i (available separately)
    • Outer: impact-resistant, flexible hard shell with zip
    • Inner: protective foam insert with precise-fit compartments for each measuring instrument
    • Compact dimensions: 270 x 190 x 60 mm

    Testo Smart Case

  • testo Malaysia 926 | Temperature Meter
    • Connectivity for an attachable and a wireless sensor
    • Wide range of optional sensors to suit your individual needs
    • User-defined thresholds – audible alarm alerts when threshold exceeded
    • Certified according to HACCP and EN 13485 – ideal for use with food
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 926 | Temperature Meter

  • testo Malaysia 720 | Temperature Meter
    • Port for one RTD or NTC sensor
    • Wide range of optional sensors for individual requirements
    • User-defined thresholds, audible alarm when thresholds are exceeded
    • Optional accessories for individual adaptation, i.e. protection against aggressive media for use in laboratories
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 720 | Temperature Meter

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  • testo Malaysia 112 | Calibratable Temperature Measuring Instrument
    • High-precision, calibratable temperature measuring instrument with PTB type approval – approved for official measurements
    • An attachable temperature probe can be connected – NTC and Pt100 probes optionally available to meet numerous practical requirements
    • Thanks to the water and dirt-repellent protective case TopSafe (optional), it is ideal for use in the food sector
    • Useful functions: minimum/maximum value memory and acoustic alarm
  • testo Malaysia 735-2 | Multichannel Thermometer
    • Up to 3 connectable sensors and a further 3 temperature sensors which can be connected wirelessly to the meter
    • Super-size memory for up to 10 000 readings; PC software and USB cable included
    • Extremely accurate sensor (optional) for a system accuracy of up to 0.05 °C
    • Waterproof (IP65) and HACCP / EN 13485 compliant
    Air Temperature Measurement

    testo 735-2 | Multichannel Thermometer

  • testo Malaysia 476 | Hand-Held Stroboscope (Xenon)
    • High adjustment accuracy and stability thanks to dynamic setting dial
    • High light intensity thanks to high-performance xenon flashlamp
    • Powerful Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack for at least 2 hours of continuous operation
    • Extremely short flash duration (< 9 µs)
  • testo Malaysia 465 | Tachometer
    Tachometer / Stroboscope

    testo 465 | Tachometer

  • testo Malaysia 470 | Tachometer | Measurement : rpm, speeds & lengths
    • Simple one-hand operation
    • Measurement of rpm, speeds and lengths
    • Storage of mean, max. and min. values as well as the last reading
    • Includes accessories such as reflective markers, protective case and transport case
    Tachometer / Stroboscope

    testo 470 | Tachometer

  • testo Malaysia 440 dP | Air velocity & IAQ Measuring Instrument
    • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menus for volume flow, K-factor, degree of turbulence, cooling/heating output, mould detection and long-term measurement, such as CO₂
    • Wireless: Bluetooth® probes for extra convenience when measuring and less cable clutter in the measuring case – order probes separately
    • Clear and reliable: large graphic display with parallel display of 3 readings as well as internal data storage and USB port for data export
    • Includes a differential pressure sensor: for Pitot tube measurement and monitoring filters
  • testo Malaysia Smart Probes VAC Set | Smartphone Operation
    • Easy parametrization of the outlet/duct cross-section for measuring the volume flow
    • List of multiple volume flows and calculation of the total volume flow (in the log)
    • Identification of mould risk thanks to the combined utilization of testo 605i and testo 805i
    • Rapid image documentation with IR temperature readings and measuring spot marking
  • testo Malaysia 417 Set 2 | Vane Anemometer Set
    • testo 417 vane anemometer for measuring air flow velocity, volume flow and temperature
    • Attachable measurement funnels make this ideal for measuring volume flow at ventilation outlets
    • Also suitable for swirl outlets: thanks to the flow straightener, precise measurements can also be taken at swirl outlets
    • Important accessories included in the set: measurement funnels, flow straightener and a bag for storage
  • testo Malaysia 635-2 | Temperature & moisture meter
    • Optionally available sensors for moisture, temperature, pressure dew point and absolute pressure measurements
    • 2 plug-in sensors and 3 wireless sensors can be connected
    • Super-size memory for up to 10 000 readings
    • USB cable and PC software for archiving and logging measuring data included
    • Able to display min, max and mean values
    • Can calculate the dew point difference between the indoor air and the surface of the wall.
  • testo Malaysia 616 | Moisture Meter for Wood & Building Materials
    • Measures the moisture content of wood and building materials quickly and reliably
    • Non-destructive, precise measurements up to a material depth of 5 cm
    • 10 characteristic curves for different types of building material and wood
    • Backlit display, hold function, min/max memory, ergonomic design
  • testo Malaysia 606-2 | Moisture Meter for Material Moisture & Relative Humidity
    • Ram electrodes guarantee precise moisture measurements in wood and building materials
    • Ideal for carrying out relative humidity and air temperature measurements to check storage and drying
    • Identifying and preventing problems using dew point and wet bulb calculations
    • Easy to use; backlit display for use in all lighting conditions
  • testo Malaysia 606-1 | Moisture Meter | Material Moisture
    • Precise moisture measurements in wood, cement, screed etc.
    • Characteristic curves for different types of wood
    • Hold function: freezes the last reading for convenient use
    • Easy to use; backlit display for use in all lighting conditions
  • testo Malaysia 6743 | Dew Point Transmitter
    • Dew point transmitter with a measuring range of -45 °Ctd to + 30 °Ctd, G½ thread and display
    • Testo polymer humidity sensor with a high degree of accuracy and long-term stability
    • Freely scalable analog output (4 to 20 mA) and optional alarm plug with 2 integrated switching outputs
  • testo 6681 | Temperature/Humidity Transmitter | Critical Applications
    • High-precision Testo humidity sensor with long-term stability for high humidity applications (optional)
    • Ethernet, relay and analog outputs enable optimum integration into individual automation systems
    • High-quality digital probes and an intelligent calibration concept
    • Self-monitoring and an early warning function ensure high system availability
  • testo Malaysia 635-1 | Temperature & Humidity Measuring Instrument
    • Probes available as an option mean you can measure air humidity, temperature, absolute pressure and dew point in compressed air
    • Two plug-in probes and 3 radio probes can be attached
    • Calculates dew point and dew point distance
    • Display of min., max. and mean values
  • testo Malaysia 622 | Thermo hygrometer & barometer
    • Measures air temperature, relative humidity and pressure
    • Ideal for monitoring the ambient air especially in laboratories
    • Alarm alerts when threshold is exceeded
    • Table or wall mount
  • testo Malaysia 0554 0452 | Sound Level Calibrator

    Calibrator, for regular calibration of testo 815, testo 816, testo 816-1

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